You did it! You found the home of your dreams, but before you rush into your new home, it’s important to ask the previous owner some questions to ensure its quality. Here are 5 strong questions to ask the seller before buying.

1. Have you done any Improvements? Was it DIY or professionally done?

Improvements on a home are great, but they’re worthless if not properly done. Be sure to ask the seller if the improvements have been done professionally or if it was a “Do it yourself” project. If it was DIY, make sure to ask if they’re skilled in that area. This will help ensure the quality of any improvements made before moving in.

2. How did you decide the asking price?

This is a simple, but strong question to ask the seller. Usually the answer will help reveal other facts about the house you might not know. Things like; if the house has had any home improvements, or if there are any issues with the home.

3. Are there any problem neighbors?

The house may be perfect, but the neighbors could be atrocious. Make sure you ask the current homeowners if there are any problem neighbors nearby. This could be the exact reason they are moving.

4. What do you like and dislike most about the home?

Everyone has their own opinions, one thing the seller hates about the home, you may love. However the answer to this question could also help to identify any repairs the home may need in the future.

5. Why are you selling?

This might be the most important question of all. The seller could be relocating, or they could be downsizing. However it could also be the home has caused the current homeowner so many problems, they can’t wait to for someone to take it off of their hands. Try to get as much details as possible. The answer could possibly be a deciding factor.

Photo Credit: The McCue Mortgage Company