Saving can be tough, and while cutting back on trips to Starbucks and nights out can help, it may not be enough. Below are simple life changes that could help save money in the long run.

ways to save money

1. Bundle Cable & Internet

If you get cable from one company, and internet from another, there’s a chance you’re overpaying. Many businesses are now offering bundle programs that include cable, internet, and phone in one. In most cases, these plans have a lower price point then paying separately.

2. Unplug, Unplug, Unplug

Many appliances and electronics can still use electricity when they’re not in use. Things like microwaves, computers, and DVD players all continue to consume energy while idle. Try unplugging items that don’t need to be constantly running. Things like coffee markers, toasters and computers. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll save.

3. Consider Green Energy

Natural energy is a great way to keep both the environment and your pockets green. In many states, including Connecticut, there are organizations like the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority available to help you gain access to renewable energy, like solar panels, with little or no cost to homeowners.

4. Carpooling

Have co-workers in your neighborhood? Consider carpooling. Set up a schedule, and coordinate days. This will save both parties tons in gas each month.

5. Use Discount Sites

Even when saving, it’s important to have a life. Sites like Livingsocial, Retail Me Not, and Groupon are great ways to find deals on the activities you love, easing the guilt of occasionally treating yourself now and then.

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