Get a lesson in the home buying process at our FREE no-obligation monthly homebuyer seminars. Learn the steps to home buying, the mortgage process, how to make an offer and more.

McCue Mortgage wants to make sure you are financially fit to purchase a home, and ready for the responsibility. In order to help educate our possible customers, and current customers, we offer no-obligation monthly home buyer seminars. At these seminars we discuss all parts of the home buying process. Visit us on Facebook to download our Home Buyer’s Handbook to see a complete outline of what will be discussed. Our seminars are meant to be an open learning experience where questions are always welcome.

If you are considering purchasing a home or are ready to start the process, visit our FAQ Page to read about some important topics, such as why to buy. Remember, when thinking about purchasing a home, a main point to consider is whether you are prepared and financially fit for the responsibility. Take our self graded quiz here to see where you stand.