Speedpay is the new way for McCue Mortgage customers, available through Western Union, to make mortgage payments on your account. This self-serve option is designed for you to streamline your monthly mortgage payment.With this service, your payment can be credited to your account on the same business day (for transactions made before 4:00 PM).

Call 877-783-2059 and please be sure to have your banking information and McCue Mortgage loan number available.

Learn more about Speedpay below.

How can I make an urgent, same day payment?

You can make an unassisted payment by calling 877-783-2059 and using the interactive menu or you may make an assisted payment through a customer service representative at McCue Mortgage’s Servicing Department at 800-382-0017 option 1.

What payment types can I use?


  • Electronic check with your bank routing number and account number (ACH)

When is the payment posted to my account?

If the payment is made by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, it will be posted same day. If made after that time, it will be posted the next business day.

When will the funds be taken out of my bank account?

For a checking or savings account, the funds will be taken out the next business day.

The automated system will not accept my zip code.

The system is requesting the zip code where the credit card bill gets sent. This may be different from your service address. If you are borrowing/using another person’s debit card, you need to input that billing zip code. If the zip code is still not accepted, need to contact your debit card company for assistance.

I need my payment refunded.

Call McCue Mortgage’s Servicing Department at 800-382-0017 option 1. If the payment has not been processed, it can be cancelled. Otherwise, you must go through your debit card company or bank to dispute the transaction.