We can better serve you if you will observe the following practices:

  • Enroll for free automatic payments via our website: http://bit.ly/McCuePay  Signing up for automatic billing assures that your payment will arrive on time. There is no monthly fee for autopay recurring payments for enrolled customers.
  • For automated phone payments: please call 800-704-2551. An $8.00 processing fee will apply.
  • Mail payments to: McCue Mortgage P.O. Box 150463 Hartford, CT 06155-0463. If you mail a check to our payments address, please include a coupon with your monthly payment and write your loan number clearly on the front of your check or money order.
    Please note: we do not consider the postmark date in determining the timeliness of your payment.
  • If you use the online banking feature provided by your depository institution, please ensure that your loan number is in the memo section of your online check authorization and your payment is made to “McCue Mortgage” as the payee to expedite processing and receipt.
  • If you are paying an amount in addition to your required monthly payment, please email us with details on how you would like the additional funds applied, after any outstanding fees due are paid(prepayment of future installment, principal payment, escrow payment, etc.).

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