Government Loans

Increase for CHFA Mortgages Now Official

On May 6, the legislative Finance Committee approved a bill regarding the maximum amount CHFA has to use for uninsured mortgages. As of last week, Governor Malloy signed the bill into law, according to a June 17 press release. Over Read More

FHA Appears Headed Toward a Bailout

After the housing market crashed in 2007, the FHA was the only agency, government or private, to see gains in the years that followed. As a result, the moderate housing recovery is partially attributed to the Federal Housing Administration, but Read More

Bill Would Allow CHFA to Increase Amount for Uninsured Mortgages

On May 6, the Connecticut Post pointed out a change coming to the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority. A bill approved that day in the legislative Finance Committee extends the maximum amount the CHFA allots toward uninsured mortgages from $1.5 billion Read More

What’s More Expensive: FHA or Privately-Insured Mortgages?

For those that don’t know, FHA loans are the most common government mortgages. In a time when lending standards for conventional loans continue to tighten, they’re a lifesaver for borrowers with less-than-perfect financial backgrounds: credit scores under 700 or without Read More

Is the Housing Market Improving? Recent News Stories Detail Ups and Downs

In an interview with The Street, published on February 5, Ellie Mae CEO Sig Anderman stated that the housing market is improving. But such an assertion, based on his observation of Ellie Mae’s 3,500 customers nationwide, is purely anecdotal. In Read More