You’ve bought a house before, so you may remember the process. If you obtained your first mortgage loan for a Connecticut property with McCue Mortgage, you know the local, personalized, customer service that we bring to each loan transaction.

Depending on how long ago you obtained your first mortgage, there have been some changes in the loan programs available and the requirements of home financing. Despite these changes, our mortgage staff has expertise in helping you get the best type of home loan for your financial situation and protect your financial interests. Buying your next home in Connecticut involves the consideration of several additional factors that you would not have needed to take into account in your first home transaction.

In planning to buy your next home, be sure to consider:

  • If your existing home has appreciated or depreciated in value.
  • Your plans to keep or sell your existing home. Can you afford to take on another property (including two mortgages, taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses)?
  • Proceeds from sale of your home if you decide to sell, and the remaining loan balance on your current mortgage.
  • Your new home. How much of a down payment do you have and where are the funds coming from? What payment are you really comfortable with?
  • The time of your purchase. Are you going to buy a new home in Connecticut before you sell your existing home?

The mortgage experts at McCue Mortgage are prepared to help you plan the purchase of your next home so that it is a smooth transition. You can learn more about specific loan products available today or just contact one of our loan experts to discuss your specific needs.

Or apply now for a mortgage to see what you can afford.