Bill McCue, President of McCue Mortgage, joined the Partnership for Strong Communities in a panel discussion on mortgage reform this past Tuesday, September 3rd. The event was hosted by Sen. Chris Murphy. McCue joined panelists Howard Rifkin, executive director of Partnership for Strong Communities, Mike Bednarczyk, from Murphy’s staff, and Jeff Gentes, managing attorney of the Fair Lending and Foreclosure Prevention Project at Connecticut Fair Housing.

The discussion focused on Connecticut’s need to better accommodate first time homebuyers, the importance of affordable housing, and the need for state mortgage reform. PSC Housing hosted a live tweet, highlighting the panelist’s key talking points:

The event was open to the public and held at the Lyceum Conference center in Hartford, CT. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion.

For more information on The Partnership for Strong Communities and what you can do to help: Click here.